Custom bicycle framebuilding comes with unique challenges — challenges I know. The tools I provide will help you do better work, more easily, and with more creative and technical control over the finished product.

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Bicycle Framebuilding Tools

Tube Bender

Bend the heck out of your bicycle tubing with my new bender. I designed it for framebuilders who need nicer quality bends than what can be achieved on benders designed for making automotive roll cages, and with a shop footprint and a price point that is realistic for the small-scale custom bike framebuilder. It can produce bends that are ready for high-gloss paint jobs without fussing with sand or heating up the tubing, etc. Load the tube, bend the tube, and move on. Starts at $1,500.

The Miter Daddy

This tool helps you hold thin-wall bicycle tubing in a milling machine vise for mitering operations. It is capable of holding .75” / 19mm tubing all the way up to 1.875” / 47.6mm tubing. It can also hold tapered and non-round tubes. This tool is primarily for holding main tubes. For stays, see The Miter Buddy. $250.


The Miter Buddy

This tool allows you to rigidly hold tapered seat stays, chainstays, and fork blades in a milling machine vise for mitering and slotting operations. It's a "first operation" tool to prepare the dropout end of the tube before loading the tubes into the seat stay or chainstay mitering fixture. For a similar tool I make to hold main tubes, see The Miter Daddy. $120.

Braze-on Clamps

This tool is designed to make brazing and welding cable guides and cable stops onto bike frames easier. They're simple, elegant, and provide lots of torch access. They're designed for use on tubes up to 2" in diameter. A 1/4" hole allows you to use a 1/4" rod (not included) to keep the braze-ons in phase with each other over the length of the tube. $110 (3-pack) or $45 (single).